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Flight Laser Marking Machine

Type: FST-20/30/50

Power: 10W/20W/30W/50W

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Marking depth: ≤1.2mm

Marking speed: 800  standard  characters/second



• The laser output power is stable and the spot quality is good

• The marking speed is 2 - 3 times that of the traditional model

• Over - long life, up to more than 100,000 hours

• No operating system restrictions, easy operation, fully dosed optical path, stable, reliable and maintenance - free

• No pollution, no noise, no consumables. Power consumption is 5 % - 10 % of that of traditional models

• Overcomes the weakness of laser with high anti-material damage and can mark all metals

• Ultra - fine with 2540 dpi resolution.


Type FST-20/30/50
Power 10W/20W/30W/50W
Laser  Wavelength 1064nm
Q-frequency 20KHZ - 100KHZ
Optional  Marking  Area 100mm*100mm  /  150mm*150mm/200mm*200mm  /  300mm*300mm
Marking  Depth ≤1.2mm
Marking  Speed 800  standard  characters/second
Minimum  Line  Width 0.012mm
Minimum  Character 0.15mm
Repeated  Precision ±0.003mm
Life-span  of  Fiber  Laser  Module 100  000hours
Beam  Quality M2  <1.5
Focus  Spot  Diameter <0.01mm
Output  Power  of  Laser 10%~100%  continuously  to  be  adjusted
System  Operation  Environment Windows  XP  /  W7--32/64bits  /  W8--32/64bits
Cooling  Mode Air  cooling--Built-in
Temperature  of  Operation  Environment 15℃~35℃
Power  Input 220V  /  50HZ  /  single  phase  or  110V  /  60HZ  /  single  phase
Power  Requirement <400W
Communication  Interface USB
Machine  Dimension/after  package 650mm*210mm*550mm/880*420*700mm
Net  Weight/gross  weight 30KG/53kgs
Optional  (Not  free  of  charge) Rotary  Device,  Moving  Table,  other  customized  Automation

Application Industry:

Application Materials:








Pre-sale service:

Before the machine is shipped,we will complete the installation of the machine and commission it to the best working condition. You can use it directly after receiving the machine.If necessary,we have professional after-sales to provide you with machine support.

After-sale Service:

The whole machine warranty for one year(except the laser tube and mirrors lens).Any questions,24 hours online professional advice available.


1. How can I choose the most suitable machine?

Please tell us three questions, our customer service staff will recommend the most suitable product for you.

1) Which material is mainly used for? Cutting, engraving or marking?

2) What is the max thickness of the cut?

3) How big working area you need?

2. How long can deliver the machine?

Common machine can be delivered within 3~7 days. Custom-made machine needs 12~14 days.

3. Is there any after-sales service?

Yes, we have a perfect after-sale service team to supply technical support to our customers.

Our technicians can assist you to install the machine and give you free training after you receive machine.


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