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FST Cabinet Optical Fiber Marking Machine

Model: FST Cabinet optical fiber marking machine

Laser type: Fiber Laser

Laser power: 10W/20W/30W/50W

Application: metal and nonmetal

Marking depth: ≤1.2mm

Resolution ratio: <4500DPI



1. 2-year warranty service.

2. Fast marking speed, high marking precision.

3. Professional and powerful control system.

4. Small and fashionable appearance.

5. High speed: 3-5 times than the traditional marking machine.

6. The machine has a variety of power fiber lasers that can achieve different laser effects on most materials (metal, plastic, ceramic, etc.).

7. All adopt adjusting scanning galvanometer, which has the advantages of high efficiency of the photoelectric transducer, high reliability, and free maintenance.

8.Equipped with auto focus and electric lift function, marking items more accurately.


Model FST Cabinet optical fiber marking machine
Laser Type Fiber Laser
Working area 110*110/150*150/200*200/300*300mm()
Laser power 10W/20W/30W/50W
Laser wavelength 1060nm
Beam quality m²<1.5
Application metal and nonmetal
Marking Depth ≤1.2mm
Marking Speed 800 standard characters/second
Minimum Line Width Minimum Line Width
Minimum Character 0.15mm
Repeated Precision ±0.003mm
Focus Spot Diameter <0.01mm
Communication Interface USB
Working voltage 220V / 50HZ / single phase or 110V / 60HZ / single phase
Cooling Mode Air Cooling
Supported graphic formats AI,BMP,DST,DWG,DXF,DXP,LAS,PLT
Controlling software EZCAD
Working temperature 15°C-45°C
Resolution ratio <4500DPI
Optional parts Rotary Device, Lift platform, other customized Automation 
Color Blue and white
Warranty 2 year
Package  Plywood

Application Industry:

Mobile phone keypad, Plastic translucent keys, Electronic components, Integrated circuits (IC), Electrical appliances, Communication products, Sanitary ware, Tools, Accessories, Knives, Eyeglasses and clocks, Jewelry, Auto parts, Luggage buckle, Cooking utensils, Stainless steel products, other industries, etc.

Application Materials:

Metals (including rare metals), Engineering plastics, Electroplating materials, Coating materials, Coating materials, Plastics, Rubber, Epoxy resin, Ceramic, Plastic, ABS, PVC, PES, Steel, Titanium, Copper and other materials, etc.










Pre-sale service:

Before the machine is shipped,we will complete the installation of the machine and commission it to the best working condition. You can use it directly after receiving the machine.If necessary,we have professional after-sales to provide you with machine support.

After-sale Service:

The whole machine warranty for one year(except the laser tube and mirrors lens).Any questions,24 hours online professional advice available.


1. How can I choose the most suitable machine?

Please tell us three questions, our customer service staff will recommend the most suitable product for you.

1) Which material is mainly used for? Cutting, engraving or marking?

2) What is the max thickness of the cut?

3) How big working area you need?

2. How long can deliver the machine?

Common machine can be delivered within 3~7 days. Custom-made machine needs 12~14 days.

3. Is there any after-sales service?

Yes, we have a perfect after-sale service team to supply technical support to our customers.

Our technicians can assist you to install the machine and give you free training after you receive machine.




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