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The development prospect of laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine engraving and cutting principle is to use the laser tube produced by the high-speed laser beam, on the physical surface of the spoon heat, generate high temperature, and then quickly decompose the physical, but this slit is very small. Micro carving laser cutting machine of industrial commercial value is very good, use very wide! Solve a lot of traditional manual process to improve work efficiency.

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The laser machine's high energy action, produces the high temperature, therefore will inevitably produce the scoop wound to the cutting material, blackens, even burns.

For very thin material, you can reduce the power, but to cut out the product, the yellowing is certain. The difficult solution: increase the blowing air energy, micro-carving clothing laser cutting machine clothing factory USES air compressor, micro-carving paper cutting laser cutting machine USES spray fog water to the paper cutting material, the purpose is to reduce the surface temperature of laser cutting engraving instant material.

For material after cutting, can carry out secondary processing, such as doors and Windows on the paint, so that we can see the cutting surface is yellow, but the paper cutting, if according to the traditional paper-cut craft, must be a physical cutting equipment can meet the requirements of traditional cutter technology, modern paper-cut laser cutting in paper-cutting industry choices flannelette material, good paper these materials such as bamboo pulp paper cutting out as long as the handle surface humidity favored by the market;After all, the laser cutting machine makes a relatively fine process.

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