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The main application of laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine in the decoration of the use of industry may be said to be beautiful, in the light of its wood carving for everyone to do an introduction: it is log above all, log is not processed wood. It is one of the rarest laser-processed materials in our daily life, and it is also easy to carve and cut. Light-colored wood, such as birch, cherry or Xu Maple, is easily vaporized by laser and is therefore suitable for carving. But because each wood has its own characteristics, we choose the wood according to the details of the object we want to carve. We recommend that you study the characteristics of the engraving machine before carving wood that you are not familiar with.

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Next is plywood, it is a kind of natural plank, also be one of furniture commonly used data.Carving on plywood isn't really that different from carving on wood, just be careful not to go too deep. The edges of the cut plywood will also blacken like the wood, but the level of blackening depends on the type of wood the plywood was made from. Generally speaking, the carving on the wood is usually Yin carvings, and the carving depth is generally compared with the deep, so the power is usually set to compare with the high. The deeper the graphic presentation will become after the sculpture if it encounters hard wood. If you want to make the color lighter, you can improve the speed of engraving, try to carve several times. When some wood is carved, some lampblack will be attached to the appearance of the wood, if the wood has been painted. Usable wet cloth wipes its carefully, if did not go up lacquer to be able to brush impure, form finished product exterior stain.

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With the widespread use of laser engraving machine, the printing and packaging industry has gradually used the laser engraving technology. The most rare packaging in the printing packaging industry is corrugated carton packaging. However, corrugated carton packaging can be divided into two categories, one is sales packaging, the other is transport packaging. General sales packaging belongs to internal packaging, in the sales process to meet with consumers, such as color boxes, white boxes, gift boxes, etc. Transport packaging generally belongs to the outer packing, fundamentally in the sales process, consumption meet, the next role is to facilitate storage, transportation, such as cartons, corrugated boxes and so on.

Laser engraving in paper packaging materials on the platemaking cost is low, only a quarter of the resin version of the money, so in the current printing and packaging industry generally used laser engraving platemaking as corrugated box packaging printing.Laser engraving machine is to complete the engraving in the way of dot, has a natural disadvantage in grayscale performance.For this reason, the way of gray-level representation should be adopted as far as possible when carving design. Such benefits increase the coloring process and waste the cost.Make on the one hand the rich carving performance wrist, added the graphic hierarchy.

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Laser engraving handicraft refers to the use of high energy plot laser beam projected to the surface of the data, so that the physical and chemical changes of the surface of the data, so as to obtain visible patterns of carving handicraft.

Laser carving handicraft can be divided into: laser carving handicraft of paper, laser carving handicraft of cloth, laser carving handicraft of bamboo, laser carving handicraft of leather, laser carving handicraft of resin, glass carving handicraft of metal, laser carving handicraft of jewelry and jade...

Next introduced the laser engraving machine for everyone on the inorganic glass handicraft carving: the most rare in our daily data - acrylic, is actually a kind of inorganic glass, it is easy to cut and carved in a variety of shapes and sizes, and lower capital for absolute match, so he just become a technology industry on the most commonly used one kind of carving materials.

The application field and use scope of laser engraving machine are very broad。

Laser cutting and laser engraving applicable fields: electronic and electrical industry, clothing industry, leather industry, furniture industry, decoration industry, arts and crafts industry, advertising industry, packaging printing industry, model industry (building model, aviation and navigation model, wooden toys), industrial panel cutting, punching, proofing, line drawing precision processing fields.


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