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Maintenance of marking machine accessories

The laser marking machine is a machine with long service life. Some of its common parts that need to be replaced are described in the user manual. You only need to check and replace regularly according to the requirements of the user manual. 

Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of laser marking machine spare parts to improve the service life of the machine and equipment, save costs, and create higher rights and interests. 

Everyone needs to pay attention to the installation and debugging environment. The environment is self-evident to the laser marking machine, and it is directly related to the marking effect of the entire machine. 

In the course of use, strictly follow the operating rules and pay attention to the switch machine sequence. This has an impact on the service life of the machine. The right switch laser marking machine can improve its life. It is an important guarantee for us to use it for a long time and not fail. The laser marking machine's field lens to be cleaned on time. Because it is outside and there will be dust when marking, there is a layer of dust on the lens if it is not cleaned for a long time, and it will endanger the light quality of the laser marking machine. In severe cases, the lens may be damaged.


Fan cleaning: Long-term use of the fan will accumulate a lot of solid dust in the fan, causing the fan to produce a lot of noise, and it is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. There will be a reflective lens on the marking machine.

 This lens will cause certain damage as the use time increases, so this lens must be replaced regularly, otherwise, it will affect the use of the laser marking machine. 

The galvanometer should avoid getting close to objects with strong magnetism, strong electricity, and strong seismic current, and avoid touching the galvanometer with hands and objects. If the lens is dusty, you can use a rag and a small amount of alcohol to clean it, paying attention to wipe it in one direction. 


Use clean rags to clean the surface of the workbench, monitor, and keyboard, and remove and clean up the garbage in time, especially the metal residue or metal powder after marking, clean the surrounding area, and keep it ventilated.


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