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How to achieve high precision and high-speed laser engraving working

In the past two years, laser engraving machine has been widely used in plexiglass, acrylic, PVC materials, leather, cloth, rubber, plastic, wood products, paper, crystal glass and other non-metallic material engravings above. Laser engraving machine with its high accuracy, fast speed characteristics, fast among the engraving industry, now we will discuss how to maintain high accuracy, fast speed characteristics of the laser engraving machine.


1.Laser engraving machine abandoned the original knife brick when the design by using the principle of laser, using special laser drilling, by the launch of the laser to the laser drilling process for the material, the beam straight theorem to determine the stability of laser engraving machine, which greatly improve the accuracy of the speed of carving and sculpture, and can work continuously, without having to change the drill bit.


2.Laser engraving machine adopts movable lifting rod, which is also the reason for laser engraving function to meet the needs of various materials and items engraving so that the scope of application of laser engraving machine can get the maximum expansion, so that its operating range increases, balance performance is good.

3. Laser engraving machine has an emergency stop switch, which can be pressed immediately when an emergency occurs, so that the machine stops working, and then continues to work after solving the problem, which can greatly reduce the waste of materials and increase the accuracy of object engraving.


4. Laser engraving machine using a domestic well-known carbon dioxide laser tube, this laser tube laser beam stability, high power. It can ensure the engraving effect to the greatest extent, improve the cutting speed, and the cost performance is relatively high.

5.Laser engraving machine using color screen digital display operation panel, panel composition is simple and easy to understand, operation room can be directly set on the panel, U disk reading, power continued carving, color separation layer engraving machine cutting, CAD/C-DR output, can be connected to the network button, a look that understands. A computer can drive some machines, saving costs and improving work efficiency.


6.Laser engraving machine operation panel is honeycomb plate, this operation table of uniform force, bearing pressure, good shock resistance, prevent deformation, and good sound absorption and heat insulation performance.


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