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How to choose a good laser

Choose a good Fiber laser marking machine is a problem worthy of attention, In addition to the machine that can meet work needs we need to pay more attention to the hardware configuration of the machine

 1. It depends on the quality of its laser source. because the laser is the most important part of the whole laser marking machine, and its quality determines the quality of the laser marking machine.

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2. It depends on the quality of the laser lens. Generally, the better the laser lens, the more the reflected laser light, the smaller the laser loss, which will help increase the electro-optical conversion rate of the laser marking machine.

3. It depends on whether the software of the laser marking machine is originally developed. Pirated laser marking machine software will often have problems such as light leakage, power consumption, unstable performance, short service life, and high maintenance cost.

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4. It depends on the after-sales service. The after-sales service of the laser marking machine is also a problem that we need to pay attention to, including the laser marking machine manual, working video and remote guidance, etc.

5.the most important thing is the company's strength. A good company not only has a professional sales team, but also a professional production team and after-sales team. Our target is "scientific management, high quality, high reputation and takes continuous development as our policy, regards customers as our center, double win with our customers", and we adhere to our tenet of "take the market demand as the guide, continue to take innovation and make improvement". We will try our best to provide high-quality products and perfect service for clients. Furthermore, we pay much attention to after-sales service. Good service and good quality are the same important for Foster Laser will follow the spirit "Credibility and Integrity", try best to provide customers with more super products and better service. Foster Laser--reliable professional Laser equipment supplier! Welcome to cooperate with us and achieve win-win!

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