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Application of Mopa Fiber Laser marking machine

Application of Mopa Fiber Laser marking machine

1.Metal surface processing ,peeling coating,Removal of the surface of alumina.

Nowadays, electronic products are getting thinner and thinner. Many computers and mobile phones use thin and thin alumina materials. The MOPA laser has a very small pulse width parameter, which makes the material not easy to deform and the marking pattern is more delicate. So the MOPa laser is a good option.

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2.Anodized alumina black, stainless steel black

This is usually a trademark, model, text. Now more and more applications are on the shell of mobile phones and other electronic products, marked with black trademark, model and so on. Like Huawei, Apple, Lenovo, etc. Currently, only the MOPA laser can do this. The MOPA laser has a wide pulse width and frequency adjustment range and adopts a narrow pulse width. High-frequency parameters can produce a black effect on the material surface.

3.Stainless-steel marking colored

marking on the stainless steel, it can mark different colors on the metal.

4.Plastic products marking, ABS, PC and other plastics

5.Deep engraving materials, and thin sheet cutting

Can choose 60w,70w laser source for deep engraving.

The deep laser engraving machine,and can also cut thin metals, such as stainless steel, aluminum, alloy, brass, silver, gold, titanium.

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