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Application of laser engraving machine

Application of laser cutting machine for textile and clothing

The Foster laser cutting machine is mainly used for laser processing of textile and garment fabrics, using a CO2 laser tube to cut, the fabric will not have focal edges, flattened, and finished.


Accurate cutting, fast speed, simple operation, personalized processing process and precision, laser head running track simulation display, multiple path optimization functions, using Jinyun's unique automatic typesetting system to ensure the greatest possible saving of materials and cost. It is especially suitable for cutting various leather fabrics.

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Cotton, linen, silk, woolen cloth, leather, etc., all kinds of fabrics interpret the style and personality of clothing and bring us a comfortable and splendid fashion life. In the world of clothing, classics and innovations continue to collide, and finally merge together, just like the continuous development of laser technology, and finally create a perfect quality fabric laser cutting machine. What are the commonly used cutting methods for clothing fabrics? The commonly used cutting methods are mechanical cutting, laser cutting machines, and ultrasonic cutting. Traditional manual and electric shears have obvious shortcomings, not only slow speed, low efficiency, but also difficult to typesetting, resulting in material waste. The emergence of professional fabric laser cutting machines has solved this problem. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting and expensive ultrasonic cutting, laser cutting is the most suitable cutting method for plush fabrics. The new type of laser cutting is to input graphics and dimensions into the computer, and through the precise calculation of typesetting software, any cutting needs of customers can be realized. Equipped with an automatic feeding device, the efficiency of production and processing is comprehensively improved. The fast curve cutting function perfectly realizes the fast continuous cutting of any curve. 

Foster's professional laser cutting machine not only has excellent quality but also provides the best guidance and service. It has been widely recognized by users in textile, leather, and other clothing industries for its accuracy, efficiency, convenience, speed, cost-effectiveness, and automation.


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