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Application industry of CO2 laser engraving machine

1. Plaques, signs, and signs are changing with each passing day in the construction of urban public facilities, of which carved plaques, signs, and signs have occupied a considerable part. In order to establish a good corporate image and improve internal management, engraved badges are used, The department brand has long become a fashion trend. The common plaque is made of acrylic.

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2. Architectural model, mechanical model, vehicle model, ship model, etc. The model is the oldest design tool. Modern society has given the model more novel meanings and more extensive uses. It is no exaggeration to say that the model is an industrial model. The sales of various commodities and houses are inseparable from models. At present, the engraving machine that makes the model making more exquisite and faster has become the best helper for making models in all walks of life.

3. Arts and crafts, gifts, souvenirs, etc. More and more conferences, medals, certificates, souvenirs, and advertising materials in tourism activities are popularly produced by carving. Carving on leather goods, keychains, trophies, imitation crystal ornaments, etc.

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4. The engraving machine can cut non-metal materials such as jade easily and quickly. Can produce a large number of exquisite jade and other decorations. As a result, the products produced look more high-end and high-end, which doubles the value of the products. It can also cut clothing fabrics, leather, and other materials

5.The plexiglass process, plexiglass processing is one of the most ideal engraving materials, no matter which of the five processes of "cutting", "milling", "carving", "carving" and "drilling" of the engraving machine is adopted, the plexiglass is It has excellent workability, and plexiglass has always been an ideal material for testing equipment, models, pop advertising decorations, small decorations, and so on. The intimate combination of engraving machine and plexiglass, a good tool and good material, will inevitably produce a variety of excellent products.

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